TV Antenna Projects
Domestic - Commercial - Government

World Square

Landmark property attracting over 3 million visitors per annum. This site offers full Foxtel IQ and Free to Air television services to four towers with a mix of Commercial Offices, Retail shops, Residential and Hotel facilities.

King Street Wharf

A Sydney icon on the shores of Darling Harbour. The MATV System services 8 towers of commercial offices, retail outlets, residential tenancies and the Medina Grand Harbourside. The site offers in excess of 3,500 television outlets with full access to Foxtel and Free to air services.

Holsworthy Army Base

With multiple buildings being serviced over a large footprint, this site offered many unique challenges. The solution for this site was to install a Hybrid Fibre Optic/Coaxial Cable system, this provides the flexibility to patch in building as and when required with no signal degradation even to the most distant locations.

Alexander Maconochie Centre

This large site offered many challenges including very large footprint, multiple in-house channels and service access override controls. A hybrid Fibre Optic/Coaxial cable design overcame the problems of long cable runs. Guard stations were fitted with controls for in-house channels and service interrupt switching to prevent access to restricted or sensitive program material. Full digital free to air access is currently available to in excess of 500 outlets, provision has be made for extensive future expansion with minimal alteration to the existing head end equipment.

Sydney Town Hall

This high profile site and the Heritage status provided many challenges for installation all were overcome with a coaxial cable solution and many hours of innovation cable routing. Full access to Free to Air television and Digital Radio (DAB) has been provided.

Chief Secretary's Offices

As one of Sydney's oldest buildings this site offered many Heritage and Historic Places challenges. The thick sandstone walls, wood panels, old lead based paints and asbestos materials were amongst the many obstacles that needed to be overcome. The resulting Free to Air television system offers full access to Digital and Analogue television services with all materials discretely hidden from view. Whilst still looking as it did in the 1800"s this building is equipped with the latest technological services which will meet the needs of the inhabitants for many decades into the future.

NSW Masonic Club

This Heritage property in the heart of the CBD includes several floors of hotel accommodation. To avoid damaging the magnificent interior of this property all cabling has been discretely hidden from view on the exterior of this high rise site.

Counsels Chambers

This site covers two adjoining high rise office blocks. The free to air television service is delivered via two digital platforms. One is standard coaxial cabling for domestic television receivers, the other is an IPTV solution via CAT6 cabling and is delivered to standard pcs and/or IP enabled Set Top Boxes and Smart Televisions. Combining these options provides the end user the flexibility of using either the standard television technologies generally in use in the home, or for the more upmarket clients there is the latest IPTV/Smart TV option.

Deutsche Bank Phillip St Sydney

High profile headquarters for this prominent client. The design included full access to free to air digital and analogue television, Foxtel IQ and AM/FM Radio.

Sir Moses Montefiore Aged Care Centre, Randwick

As the flagship property for the Montefiore Villages this site includes many state of the art developments. Full access to Foxtel IQ, Free To Air Digital and multiple in-house channels is provided for all residential suites and communal lounges. With 24 in-house channels, full digital access and Foxtel IQ, many special design considerations had to be made to ensure ease of use for the residents.